Keeping ahead of the decontamination game

Just as HTM 01-05 underpins decontamination within the dental environment, HTM 01-01 provides best practice guidance on the entire medical decontamination cycle, including reusable surgical instruments and medical devices used in acute care.

Although HTM 01-01 does not strictly apply to dentistry, new guidance within it regarding protein detection methods used on surgical instruments will undoubtedly work their way into the dentistry sphere, via an updated version of HTM 01-05, within the next few years.

Protein residue testing in dentistry is a routine part of the dental decontamination process. It’s also well known that if protein residues found on used dental instruments are allowed to dry onto the instrument surface for any length of time can severely hamper its removal and thereby compromise the effectiveness of subsequent sterilisation processes.

It takes less than 60 minutes in a warm practice environment for protein to start to harden and coagulate, making it impossible to totally remove. Therefore, keeping dental instruments moist following use and before cleaning, greatly improves the effectiveness of the cleaning process. If instruments are simply pre-treated within 30 minutes of being used and kept moist by using a non-hazardous, water-based formulation, this would have a measurable effect on the residual protein detected without the need to change anything else in the reprocessing procedure.

There is nothing to stop the dental profession getting ahead of the game by using instrument wetting agents and suspension foams throughout the working day, not only when instruments are unable to be cleaned immediately after use. This move towards best practice means that once a protein measurement requirement is introduced, which it inevitably will, practices will be better placed to integrate such changes, remain compliant and achieve the desired results.

Full details of the recent updates to HTM 01-01 and its likely impact on instrument reprocessing in dental practices is available in the February 2017 issue of The Dentist magazine.

Beating the spread of winter infections

Did you know? According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, healthcare-acquired infections affect over 4 million patients a year across Europe and cost around €7 billion in additional healthcare and direct financial losses[1]. That is an eye-opening statistic, but what’s interesting is that scientists and governments point to hand hygiene as one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of preventing the spread of such infections.

With seasonal colds and flu viruses doing the rounds as we stick together indoors during cold winter months, dental practices can provide an ideal environment for infections to be unwittingly spread. As we constantly touch surfaces and instruments, unpleasant bacteria and viruses (which, by the way, can be very adept at surviving outside of the body for long periods) can thrive on unclean hands, reception desks, door handles and the like, posing a potential infection risk to the next person who touches them.

Hand hygiene is one of the simplest but most important measures for reducing the risk of infection transmission during patient care. Effective hand hygiene protects both patients and members of the dental team and is an essential part of a practice’s infection control policy. So what can we do to greatly reduce the risk of passing on infections and ensure practices are compliant with current regulations and guidelines regarding hand hygiene? Well a good place to start is to read our latest online article Preventing the spread of infection offering advice and guidance on hand hygiene to everyone on the dental team. Plus, as an added bonus reading the article can earn dental professionals one hour of verifiable CPD in the area of infection control, issued in the form of a downloadable pdf, which can be used as evidence of CPD hours.

Don’t let infections spread. Read the CPD article now CLICK HERE


Introducing new DentiSure – non alcohol hand disinfectant foam

Infection control specialists Dentisan are delighted to introduce a new non alcohol post wash skin disinfectant foam to their product portfolio. New DentiSure is an important addition to Dentisan’s already comprehensive range of hand care products and dispensing solutions, providing a non alcohol alternative for those who prefer this option.

Hand hygiene is one of the most important measures in reducing the risk of infection transmission and all dental practices have a duty of care to ensure they are managed in accordance with current regulations and guidelines regarding hand hygiene. DentiSure makes an important contribution to this work, being fully compliant with HTM 01-05 and having been microbiologically tested to British Standard BS EN 1500.

DentiSure is supplied in a 1 litre ready-to-use format and should be applied to the hands after washing and drying, and rubbed in until fully dispersed. It can also be used on clean skin between washes to minimize pathogen transmission. This complete coverage of the exposed skin provides additional protection from pathogens for those working within dental practices.

DentiSure is available in a ready to use 1 litre foam pump dispenser, and can be ordered exclusively from Henry Schein Dental on 0800 023 2558 and Kent Express on 01634 878787.

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Making a difference at Christmas

Christmas for many of us is a time of fun, food and celebration with family and friends, but for the less fortunate, both here and abroad, it can be a cold, hungry and desperately lonely time.

Dentisan, along with their parent company Quadralene, are striving to make a difference to those in need this Christmas. A long-time supporter of the homeless charity Crisis at Christmas, a pallet of cleaning and disinfection products (pictured) has already been donated to be used in some of the temporary centres across the UK which provide a warm and safe place to stay for those without shelter over the Christmas period.


Dentisan is also keen to support local charity Serve the City – Derby, which mobilises volunteers to give practical help and support to those in need across the city. Dentisan is donating 30 Christmas food boxes to the charity (1 for each member of staff) and several employees will spend 22nd December helping with the packing and delivery of the boxes to families and individuals on low incomes who would otherwise struggle to afford a Christmas meal.

Finally, as part of their ongoing association with the Networks charity, Dentisan are also in the process of packing and shipping pallets of shoeboxes, loaded with Christmas gifts, to make a better Christmas for children in need in Romania. Dentisan’s Commercial Director Bob Newsome commented: “We are proud to support international, UK and locally-based charities and would like to thank our team for their hard work and generosity in helping make a real difference for those in need this Christmas.”
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Andy Corley takes to the stage at the CBI’s MSB Summit 2016

Andy Corley (pictured below), Managing Director of infection control specialists Dentisan, is delighted to have taken part in the CBI’s MSB (Medium Sized Business) Summit 2016, entitled ‘Meeting the Productivity Challenge’. 

The prestigious event, held in July in Central London, saw over 350 business leaders come together to explore the challenges faced by medium-sized businesses in raising productivity and highlighted a range of practical steps that both business and government can take to increase output and unlock new growth.

With a select audience of CEOs and mid-market business leaders the Summit included keynote and panel sessions and Andy was invited to be a central part of one of the day’s key case studies ‘Staying Innovative in a growing business’.

Dentisan has a proud legacy of developing new and exciting technologies and innovations, but the UK as a whole underperforms when investing in Research & Development. During his presentation, Andy highlighted the steps Dentisan has taken to become an innovator, and explained in detail the central role that R&D has played in its success. 

Speaking after the Summit Andy comment, “It was a great honour to be part of such a key event and meet so many like-minded business leaders. R&D has played a crucial role in Dentisan’s success and we are proud to continue to make a significant investment in our highly skilled and hard-working team to develop new and exciting technologies and innovations that drive our business forward.” 

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