Dentifloor is a specially formulated single stage cleaner and disinfectant ideal for the hard floors typically found in dental surgeries. This wide spectrum microbicide cuts through contaminants, lifting them from the floor surface, leaving a physically clean and disinfected surface in a single operation. Dentifloor has proven efficacy against bacteria, fungi and enveloped viruses.

Pack Size
5 litres

  • Cleans and disinfects in one
  • Wide spectrum biocide
  • Non-alcohol formulation
  • Concentrate should be diluted with clean water to give a 20ml per litre solution
  • Effective against bacteria, fungi and enveloped viruses

Clean, safe care – reducing infections and saving lives’ refers to the need for high-quality environmental cleaning and decontamination as vital components in reducing rates of infection.

Areas and items of equipment that need to be cleaned after each session include:
drainage points;

In addition, cupboard doors, other exposed surfaces (such as dental inspection light fittings) and floor surfaces, including those distant from the dental chair, should be cleaned daily.