Touchless Dispenser
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Touchless Dispenser

HTM01-05 recommends the use of non-refillable dispensers as a method of enhancing infection control by preventing contamination of product and transfer from dispenser surfaces. This automatic wall-mounted touchless dispenser dispenses 1.2ml of liquid per dose and is designed specifically for use with Dentisan hand care products.

Pack Size
1x Touchless Dispenser

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Key Points

  • Automatic

  • Wall-mounted

  • Dispenses 1.2ml of solution per dose

  • Designed specifically for use with Dentisan pouched hand care products

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HTM 01-05 Compliance

Wall-mounted liquid hand-wash dispensers with disposable cartridges should be used. It should be ensured that the nozzle is kept clean. Refillable hand-wash containers should not be used as bacteria can multiply within many of these products and are therefore a potential source of contamination.

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