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Biocleanse Ultra Refill Packs

Biocleanse Ultra refill pack fits conveniently into tub. Wipes are impregnated with Biocleanse Ultra formulation for powerful cleaning and disinfection. Biocleanse Ultra is an all-in-one surface cleaner and disinfectant. This low residue, alcohol-free wipe is ideal for the convenient and effective cleaning and disinfection of a broad range of patient contact surfaces including PMMA and aluminium.

Pack Size
200 refills. For use with original Biocleanse Ultra tub.

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Key Points

  • Wide spectrum microbiocide

  • Cleans and disinfects in a single wipe

  • pH neutral

  • Alcohol free

  • Effective against TB, HIV, HBV, HCV

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HTM 01-05 Compliance

The use of disinfectant or detergent will reduce contamination on surfaces. If there is obvious blood contamination, the presence of protein will compromise the efficacy of alcohol-based wipes. NOTE: Alcohol has been shown to bind blood and protein to stainless steel. The use of alcohol with dental instruments should therefore be avoided.

Areas and items of equipment local to the dental chair that need to be cleaned between each patient include:
• local work surfaces
• dental chairs
• curing lamps
• inspection lights and handles
• hand controls including replacement of covers
• trolleys/delivery units
• spittoons
• aspirators
• X-ray units

Areas and items of equipment that need to be cleaned after each session include:
• taps
• drainage points
• splashbacks
• sinks

In addition, cupboard doors, other exposed surfaces (such as dental inspection light fittings) and floor surfaces, including those distant from the dental chair, should be cleaned daily.

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