Testing & Validation

Testing and Validation

Ensuring that decontamination equipment is fully functioning is a mandatory requirement of infection prevention guidance. Dentisan’s complete range of testing and validation indicators for autoclaves and washer disinfectors provides peace of mind and evidence of compliance.

Wash Checks

Wash Check Indicator

Wash checks clearly identify problems with cleaning processes, enabling remedial action to be taken.

Wash Check Holder

Wash Check Indicator Holder

Specifically designed to hold Dentisan Wash Check Indicators securely.

Protein Residue Test

Protein Residue Test

Weekly protein test for use with washer disinfectors, ultrasonic baths and manual cleaning.

Helix Test

Helix Test

Daily steam penetration test for autoclaves.

Class 6 Indicator

Class 6 Indicator

Ensures correct sterilization conditions have reached packaged instruments.

Class 6 Indicator Adhesive

Class 6 Indicator with Adhesive

To ensure correct sterilization conditions have reached packaged instruments.

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