Helix Test
  • Summary
  • Key Points
  • HTM 01-05 Compliance
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Helix Test

Daily steam penetration test for autoclaves. The Process Challenge Device is a reusable device with disposable chemical indicator strips.

Pack Size
250 x indicator strips + 1 Helix device

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Key Points

  • Indicator change from pink to black demonstrates correct steam sterilisation conditions

  • Provides permanent record of compliance

  • 3.5 minutes at 134°C

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HTM 01-05 Compliance

All decontamination equipment should be subjected to validation, testing, maintenance and servicing as recommended by the manufacturer/ supplier. All records of these procedures should be retained for audit/inspection.

The validation schedules for sterilizers outlined in paragraph 11.5 and Chapter 12 are part of the essential quality requirements.

Section 12.5 contains the Periodic Tests section for Sterilisers- the table refers to Steam Penetration tests being carried out daily.

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