Protein Residue Test
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  • HTM 01-05 Compliance
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Protein Residue Test

Weekly protein test can detect residual proteins left on the surfaces of hard to clean dental and surgical instruments. For use with washer disinfectors, ultrasonic baths and manual cleaning.

Pack Size
25 x test vial + 25 x swabs

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Key Points

  • Detects as low as 1 microgram of protein

  • Colour change gives instant results (within 10 seconds)

  • 3-inch swab

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HTM 01-05 Compliance

All decontamination equipment should be subjected to validation, testing, maintenance and servicing as recommended by the manufacturer/supplier. All records of these procedures should be retained for audit/inspection.

In terms of testing schedules for washer-disinfectors and ultrasonic cleaners, manufacturers’ guidance should be sought. Note that the schedules outlined in Chapters 13 and 14 should be followed in the absence of manufacturers’ instructions.

Section 13.3 contains the Periodic Tests section for Washer Disinfectors- the table refers to Protein Residue Tests which should be carried out weekly.

Section 14.3 contains the Periodic Tests section for Ultrasonic cleaning- Protein Residue Tests which should be carried out weekly.

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