Water Testing Kit

Additional water testing kits to help practices monitor the water quality in their DUWLs. Bioclear’s water testing kit contains 2 vials; one for input water and one for output water, samples of which should be taken and using the Freepost envelope provided, sent to Dentisan’s in-house laboratory. Both samples are tested and a report sent back to the practice, either confirming contamination of less than 200cfu/ml, or offering suggestions for remedial action.

The kit is supplied free with every order of Bioclear.

Pack Size
2x vials – one for input and one for output water
Freepost envelope

  • Easy to use – instructions provided
  • Free with every Bioclear pack
  • Free of charge service
  • Report emailed direct to practice
  • Each dental unit for which two consecutive samples of compliant water are submitted within a 6-month period will receive a ‘Clean Water Award’ certificate, valid for 6 months, which can either be in the name of a specific surgery or an individual dentist.