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Self-sealing sterilisation pouch. Making preparing and organising items for sterilisation simple. The self-sealing feature facilitates easy package preparation and tight closure. Available in: 60 x 120mm 200pk, 70 x 260mm 200pk, 75 x 230mm 200pk, 85 x 180mm 200pk, 89 x 254mm 200pk, 90 x 130mm 200pk, 90 x 230mm 200pk, 90 x 270mm 200pk, 132 x 250mm 200pk, 132 x 290mm 200pk, 135 x 180mm 200pk, 140 x 280mm 200pk, 200 x 330mm 200pk, 250 x 380mm 200pk, 260 x 405mm 200pk, 300 x 450mm 200pk, 320 x 380mm 200pk