dentilearn in-practice CPD

Interaction with team training content was great. Kept everyone focused, brilliant trainer. My team are never this engaged, fantastic training!

Easy to follow. 5/5

Clear and concise, interesting & helpful course. We like that Jenny Nixon is very approachable and informative to keep us up to date, as always. We would recommend.

The presentation was so well explained, the course was perfect.

The course was explained very clearly, and all of our questions were answered.

Jenny makes the training relevant and accessible, her inside-out knowledge of the subject shines through!

Content was very good, clear and our questions were answered clearly. It was great!

Very well delivered, easy to understand and relevant content!

Anne was very interactive with all the staff, and the presentation was very helpful.

Anne was very detailed and patient. We could ask anything we needed.

The course was very in-depth and informative, thankyou!

Update in infection control very useful. Anne uses real life stories to back what she is saying – visuals very good.

In-practice training

Bringing infection prevention education directly to your practice

Now, in addition to online CPD, we are delighted to offer Dentilearn CPD In-Practice, enabling dental teams to access verifiable CPD training in dental decontamination from the comfort and convenience of your own practice.

  • Training delivered by dentisan’s knowledgeable experts
  • Convenient and cost-effective education for the whole dental team
  • 2-hour in-practice sessions including practical demonstrations
  • Awards verifiable CPD to each individual retrospectively
  • One price regardless of number of participants

Topics within the in-practice sessions can be selected in advance to ensure you are provided with the specific training that best meet the needs of you and your team.

These include:

  • Risks associated with infection control
  • Microbiology
  • Protection
    Audits, paperwork & Records
  • Covid-19 and SOP Guidance
  • Hand Hygiene
  • Surface Decontamination
  • Water, Biofilm & Dental Unit Waterlines
  • Instrument Decontamination

2 hour session

Set fee regardless of the number of participants
£375 + VAT

Booking & Information

Arranging a Dentilearn CPD In-Practice session is easy. Simply email your request to the expert in your area, who will contact you direct to arrange a convenient date.

Midlands, North Wales & North of England

Anne Harris

South of England, Wales
& Channel Islands

Holly Dickinson - Business Development Manager

Scotland, Ireland & Northern Ireland

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