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DentiShield E

Disposable barriers for slow-speed, long handpieces.

Barrier sleeves are ideal for protecting your slow-speed long handpieces and preventing the spread of infection and contamination. DentiShield E single-use disposable barriers have been specially designed to fit over low-speed, long handpieces. Using a disposable dental barrier limits opportunities for contamination and potentially reduces turnaround time between patients.

Pack Size
Box of 500
255 x 64mm

  • Single use, disposable barrier sleeve
  • Designed to fit over slow-speed, long handpieces
  • 500 barriers per box
  • HTM 01-05 compliant

6.65 – Purpose-made disposable single-use covers are available for many of the devices mentioned above, including inspection light handles and headrests. The use of these is encouraged but should not be taken as a substitute for regular cleaning. Covers should be removed and surfaces should be cleaned after each patient contact.

DentiShield E barrier sleeves are for single use only. Before each patient, the barrier should be placed over the device. After each patient, remove and dispose of the barrier safely. Decontaminate the area using your normal procedure.