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Dentibright is a ready to use foam spray for effective descaling of stainless steel internal chamber surfaces of autoclaves, washer disinfectors and ultrasonic baths.

Pack Size
500ml bottle.

  • Removes mineral deposits
  • Ideal for stainless steel surfaces
  • Suitable for autoclaves, washer disinfectors and ultrasonic baths

Regularly descaling your autoclave not only improves productivity and prolongs its life, but contributes to ensuring effective infection control in the workplace. Dentibright autoclave descaler is compatible with stainless steel surfaces, yet effectively removes mineral deposits and limescale that can build up on surfaces. Ideal as an autoclave descaler, Dentibright is also suitable for use on washer disinfectors and ultrasonic baths. It is particularly useful in hard water areas, where limescale build-up can be problematic.

Autoclave cleaning should form an integral part of practice equipment maintenance. Limescale build-up can cause individual components to work harder and wear out more quickly, while minerals in the water can damage stainless steel surfaces. Dentibright’s easy-to-use foam formulation descales.

The principal methods of cleaning reusable dental instruments currently available are: cleaning using a washer-disinfector; manual combined with ultrasonic cleaning; manual.

Mechanical and chemical processes loosen and break up contamination adhering to the instrument surface.

Ensuring correct PPE is worn, apply product to area(s) where treatment is required then allow to soak for up to 30 minutes. For stubborn deposits, use an acid resistant, non-metallic brush to speed the process. After soaking, rinse well with water and repeat the process if required. Run a cycle of the treated apparatus with no load before next use. Please refer to product safety data sheet before use. Use only as directed.