Touchless Foam Dispenser

Designed specifically for use with Dentisure Foam hand sanitiser, our automatic touchless dispenser enhances infection control by preventing contamination of product and transfer from dispenser surfaces. Powered by an infra-red motion sensor, our touchless foam dispenser delivers a precise amount of hand sanitiser, for optimum hygiene and cost-effectiveness.

Pack Size
1x Touchless Dispenser

Wall-mounted liquid hand-wash dispensers with disposable cartridges should be used. It should be ensured that the nozzle is kept clean. Refillable hand-wash containers should not be used as bacteria can multiply within many of these products and are therefore a potential source of contamination.

HTM 01-05 section 6.11 recommends the use of touchless dispensers as a method of enhancing infection control – and our touchless foam dispenser ensures your practice complies with best practice. Hand hygiene protocols should take place between each patient treatment, and before donning and after removal of gloves. As well as being ideal for infection control compliance, touchless foam dispensers are recommended as a way of promoting good hand hygiene across the practice, and contribute to the prevention of seasonal illnesses such as flu and norovirus.