DentiChlor chlorine tablets provide rapid disinfection for water storage containers and dental impressions, provides effective management of blood spills and makes an effective disinfectant solution for water storage containers. DentiChlor effervescent chlorine tablets are easy to use and should be used according to the type of disinfection required.

Pack Size
200 tablets.

  • Easy to use
  • Measured dose
  • Rapid action
  • 200 tablets per pack
  • HTM 01-05 compliant

For blood spillages, care should be taken to observe a protocol that ensures protection against infection. The use of hypochlorite at 1000 ppm available chlorine is recommended. Hypochlorite should be made up either freshly using hypochlorite-generating tablets or at least weekly in clean containers. Contact times should be reasonably prolonged (not less than five minutes). A higher available chlorine concentration of 10,000 ppm is useful, particularly for blood contamination. The process should be initiated quickly and care should be taken to avoid corrosive damage to metal fittings etc. The use of alcohol within the same decontamination process is not advised.

Immediately after removal from the mouth, any device should be rinsed under clean running water. This process should continue until the device is visibly clean.

All devices should receive disinfection according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This will involve the use of specific cleaning materials noted in the CE-marking instructions. After disinfection, the device should again be thoroughly washed. This process should occur before and after any device is placed in a patient’s mouth.

Consult the impression/ device material manufacturer’s instructions for use for disinfection instructions including its compatibility with chlorine and recommended concentrations in parts per million (ppm).

Keeping your practice workspace, tools and dental products clean and free of infection is vital for HTM 01-05 compliance, and DentiChlor tablets are an easy way to ensure this. Simply dissolve one tablet in the appropriate amount water for the task required (see instructions for details).