DentiFoam is a ready-to-use, pH-neutral foam spray for application to soiled dental instruments prior to cleaning and disinfection. Non-hazardous and rust-inhibiting, DentiFoam helps to keep soiled instruments moist for easier removal of protein and debris.

Pack Size
500ml Trigger Spray.

  • pH neutral
  • Long-lasting effect
  • Ready-to-use
  • HTM 01-05 compliant

Potable water immersion or the use of commercial gels/sprays may be considered if a delay in reprocessing is unavoidable.

Evidence indicates that keeping instruments moist after use and prior to decontamination improves protein removal and overall decontamination outcomes.

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HTM 01-05 guidelines recommend the pre-soaking of dental instruments for effective protein removal and decontamination. Dentifoam’s specific rheology means it clings to surfaces, immediately starting the decontamination process. Simply spray directly on to used instruments prior to cleaning, and rinse with water before continuing your usual cleaning and sterilisation process.