Neutrasan is a concentrated pH neutral dental instrument cleaner, ideal for both manual and ultrasonic cleaning. While high pH (alkaline) solutions can cause metal instruments to corrode, the pH neutral formulation of Neutrasan ensures dental instruments and metal surfaces are effectively cleaned and protected. To use, dilute between 2 and 20ml per litre.

Pack Size
1 litre bottle.
5 litre bottle.

  • pH neutral
  • Concentrated
  • Biodegradable
  • 1 & 5 litre pack sizes
  • HTM 01-05 compliant

The principal methods of cleaning reusable dental instruments currently available are: cleaning using a washer-disinfector; manual combined with ultrasonic cleaning; manual.

Instruments should be briefly immersed in cold water (with detergent) to remove some of the blood and other visible soil before ultrasonic cleaning.

Care should be taken to minimise aerosol production in this process and to safeguard against inoculation injury. The use of a purpose-designed container with sealing lid is recommended.

Users should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the safe operation of the ultrasonic cleaner and take care when loading and unloading the cleaner.

Change the solution when it becomes heavily contaminated or otherwise at the end of every clinical session, because the build-up of debris will reduce the effectiveness of cleaning. Ensure that staff are aware of the need to assess when a change of solution is necessary as advised in the operational requirements.

In principle, manual cleaning is the simplest method to set up, but it is hard to validate because it is difficult to ensure that it is carried out effectively on each occasion.

Protect and prolong the life of your dental instruments and surfaces with a proven cleaner that is less harmful to the environment than traditional cleaning practices. Neutrasan’s pH neutral formulation is biodegradable, ensuring your practice contributes to environmental sustainability while remaining HTM 01-05 compliant. To use, dilute between 2-20ml/lt.