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TST Strips

Ensures correct sterilisation conditions have reached packaged instruments. TST strips monitor one or more sterilisation processes for the purpose of detecting sterilisation failures in packaging, loading or steriliser function.

Pack Size
200 indicators

  • Steam, rather than heat alone is required to initiate colour change
  • Provides permanent record of compliance
  • Indicator turns from blue to black when exposed to sterilisation
  • 3.5 minutes at 134°C
  • 1.5 minutes at 121°C

All decontamination equipment should be subjected to validation, testing, maintenance and servicing as recommended by the manufacturer/ supplier. All records of these procedures should be retained for audit/inspection.

The validation schedules for sterilizers outlined in paragraph 11.5 and Chapter 12 are part of the essential quality requirements.

Section 12.5 contains the Periodic Tests section for Sterilisers- the table refers to Steam Penetration tests being carried out daily.