Replenish is an emollient cream for protection and conditioning of skin while working in a healthcare environment. Protects skin from drying and cracking especially where frequent hand washing is necessary.

Pack Size
800ml disposable pouch (for use with touchless dispenser)
500ml pump dispenser

  • Non greasy
  • Skin conditioning
  • Easy to use

Hand cream, preferably water-based, should be used to avoid chapped or cracking skin. Communal jars of hand cream are not desirable as the contents may become contaminated and subsequently become an infection risk. Ideally, wall-mounted hand-cream dispensers with disposable cartridges should be used. Any staff that develop eczema, dermatitis or any other skin condition should seek advice from their occupational health department or general practitioner (GP) as soon as possible.

A hand hygiene policy must be available within the practice. Hand hygiene protocols should take place between each patient treatment, and before donning and after removal of gloves.

See Appendix 1

Use a hand cream following hand-washing at the end of a session to counteract dryness and as required.