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Impression Bath

A handy, purpose-made impression bath ensures impressions are fully disinfected prior to dispatch to the laboratory. Our dental impression bath comes with a plastic insert for easy immersion and removal of dental impressions. Use with DentiChlor disinfectant tablets.

  • Purpose-made
  • Plastic insert for easy immersion
  • Bath is 1.5 litres and is designed to comfortably hold 1 litre of solution
  • Ideal for use with Dentichlor disinfection tablets
  • HTM 01-05 compliant

HTM 01-05 guidelines require dental practices to review their infection control protocols regarding the transfer of dental impressions. Whether being sent out to a lab or on arrival back at the practice, dental impressions must be disinfected correctly to ensure the health of the patient and of those handling the impressions is not put at risk. With dentisan’s purpose-made impression bath, dental impressions can be easily and quickly disinfected using DentiChlor tablets.