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For use in washer disinfectors, Dentirinse helps water to drain evenly so that rapid drying and a clear finish are achieved.


Low foam, low residue, surface active detergent for use in washer disinfectors.

Dentisan 100

A powerful instrument and tray cleaner for ultrasonic, soak and manual methods. Dentisan 100 is an exceptional surface-active cleaner for dental instruments and equipment, quickly and effectively removing contamination prior to sterilisation.


A concentrated pH neutral detergent for manual and ultrasonic cleaning of dental instruments and sensitive surfaces. To use, dilute at a ratio of 1:500 to 1: 50 (2-20ml/lt).


Dentizyme is a pH neutral enzymatic detergent used for manual and ultrasonic instrument cleaning.


A ready to use pH neutral foam for application to soiled dental instruments prior to decontamination and disinfection.