Biofilm control done the easy way – and the right way

From low water-flow to warm surgeries, there are many reasons dental unit water lines provide the perfect environment for biofilm build-up – and many potential consequences. When bacteria colonise the water line, your high-speed turbines, air-water syringes and mouth-washing water can potentially expose both patients and staff to illness-causing microorganisms. And while most dental professionals are aware of the problem, not all take adequate action.

Biofilm control isn’t just about compliance with CQC and HTM 01-05. It’s about upholding your reputation in a caring profession – and ensuring the people in your practice are never put at risk. Thankfully, dentisan’s Bioclear and Bioclear Daily make best practice possible in three simple steps. Here’s how:

1. Purge.

If water quality is below the required standard, purge the system with Bioclear, a no-mix, ready-to-use solution. Simply add to the water line and leave overnight (a ‘treatment in progress’ display sign is included in Bioclear box). Then flush with clean water and re-test.

2. Maintain.

Bioclear Daily reduces the likelihood of biofilm build-up and helps keep water quality within accepted guidelines. Simply use the supplied dosing cup to make a 1% solution with distilled or RO water. Pour this into the chair’s water bottle and re-attach; then it’s ready to use.

3. Monitor.

Dip-test your water regularly – at least quarterly – or simply use the Freepost testing kit included with every purchase of Bioclear. dentisan will test it for you at its in-house lab and send back a report detailing any remedial action required – excellent evidence to keep in your infection control file.

Using Bioclear Daily in conjunction with regular purges with Bioclear is the simplest way to get peace of mind that you are doing the right thing – for your staff, your patients and your practice.

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