As a Research and Development Chemist at dentisan, I’m a big fan of Biocleanse Ultra wipes for the most effective cleaning and disinfection – especially as they’re alcohol free. Why? Well, alcohol-based wipes have been shown to fix protein contamination to instruments and surfaces, and I want instruments and surfaces to be as clean as possible. As it states in HTM01-05 section 6.57:

‘The use of disinfectant or detergent will reduce contamination on surfaces. If there is obvious blood contamination, the presence of protein will compromise the efficacy of alcohol-based wipes.

NOTE: Alcohol has been shown to bind blood and protein to stainless steel. The use of alcohol with dental instruments should therefore be avoided.’

So, alcohol-free Biocleanse Ultra wipes’ unique formula will help keep your practice clean and prevent cross-contamination.



One thing I particularly like about Biocleanse Ultra wipes is that they are available in a re-usable tub. However, it’s important to follow our procedure when refilling the tub once it’s empty, to ensure the new wipes don’t get contaminated by any residue or dirt that may have built up from handling the tub, so I’ve put together an easy step-by-step guide for you.

N.B. Make sure you’re wearing gloves before you start!


1.       Grab your refill bag of wipes.

2.       Unscrew the lid from the tub, remove the empty bag and discard.

3.       Wash the lid and empty tub under hot running water, inside and out.

4.       Make sure the tub and lid are dried thoroughly.

5.       Now to the refill bag: cut along the dotted line with scissors to open it (do not tear it by hand!).

6.       Squeeze the bag to get rid of any excess air, then insert the bag containing the wipes into the new tub – do not take the wipes out of the refill bag as this can expose the wipes to contaminants.

7.       Pull the first wipe up from the middle of the bag and carefully feed it through the hole in the middle of the lid.

8.       Replace the lid, tuck the top of the wipe under the liftable tab and secure the lid firmly.

9.       Now you’re ready to go!

10.   Remember to close the lid each time after removing a wipe to make sure the wipes stay moist in the tub.

And that’s all there is to it!

Grab > empty > hot wash > dry > re-fill > feed > close lid > done!


I look forward to sharing some more useful tips with you in my next blog…


For a more visual demonstration of refilling your Biocleanse Ultra wipes tub, go here.

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